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19TH SEPTEMBER 2019 - 17TH OCTOBER 2019 by appointment only

Canopy Kilt poster .jpg

Canopy Kilt

A canopy is known as a covering, the uppermost branches of trees in a forest, a more or less continuous layer of foliage. It’s saturated, multi-layered, growing and dense. A kilt is a vertical pleated garment of tartan cloth. They both weave pattern on a 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional plain. The works on show in Canopy Kilt harvest digital imaging, children’s book illustration, clip art, textured fabric, stencils, other artist’s work, wooden toys, packaging and typography. In attempt to have a ‘no filter’ to my immediate surroundings, these works impart a sense of being in the middle of a process that doesn’t evolve, but spreads, like pictorial foliage. 

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